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Unique Fringe Activities Singapore Supplies Store for Birthday Parties

Unique Fringe Activities Singapore! Is your birthday just around the corner? Are you looking for places where you can find the perfect invitation card, beautiful decoration, and goodie bags all under one roof?

You can also host some games to be played amongst the adults at the Birthday Party. These House Party Games for Adults is one way to kick start the party!

Fret not! We have got you covered. Below is a list of party supply stores that will cater to all your needs. You cannot miss out the importance of unique fringe activities Singapore.

Unique Fringe Activities Singapore: Party With Us

If you like to shop at a physical store instead of going online, then you will love the Party with us store located in Bukit Timah Plaza.

If you like to shop at a physical store instead of going online, then you will love the Party with us store located in Bukit Timah Plaza. They offer the best stuff for your unique fringe activities Singapore at your party.

Are you planning for a birthday party with a theme? You can find the perfect costume here. There are over 200 costumes to choose from! Mickey Mouse, Batman, Batgirl, Alice in Wonderland are some of the all-time favorites.

The store also offers a discount on special occasions. It also offers an additional discount to its members. If you wish to give customized return gifts, they can do that too!

Unique Fringe Activities Singapore: Ministry Of Party

This party supply store has come a long way since then, with over several hundreds of events and parties under its belt.

Edwin Goh established the Ministry Of Party in 2001. This party supply store has come a long way since then, with over several hundreds of events and parties under its belt. It is located in Maxwell House.

They have an extensive selection of treats and goodie bags. You can also shop from their online store. Apart from being the go-to destination for party supplies, it also organizes many fringe activities Singapore.

If you want your birthday party to be a cut above the rest, why not hire MoP’s event management services? They are one of the top choices for unique fringe activities Singapore.

They have emcees, magicians, balloon blasters, and everything to keep the guests entertained throughout the party.

3. Kidz Party Store

They have an online store as well as a physical store located in Upper Bukit Timah Road and Compass Point Shopping Mall.

They have an online store as well as a physical store located in Upper Bukit Timah Road and Compass Point Shopping Mall.

The highlight of this store is the balloon packages. After all, what is a birthday party without balloons! There are 3 packages to choose from.

If you opt for the most elaborate package, you will get a bouquet of balloons in the selected theme of your party, 2 units of entrance bouquets, a set of 50 inflated helium latex balloons, and photo banner specially customized for you. The delivery cost is also included in the package.

If you do not wish to give treat boxes or goodie bags as return gifts, you can choose to give toys, puzzles, temporary sticker tattoos instead.

4. Mtrade

This is an online store where you can find a delectable selection of party wares, accessories, glow sticks, piñatas, and licensed party themes.

This is the best store for piñatas. You can choose from different themes such as Frozen princess, Barbie, Super Mario, Batman, minions, etc. You can add a personalized touch to all the party items you decide to buy.

Face painting, temporary tattoos, balloon sculpting are some of the commonly conducted fringe activities Singapore. Make your birthday more memorable with old school game sets such as GoLi, Kuti Kuti, or Chapteh, available at Mtrade.

5. Calla Chic

This store is also exclusively available online. Apart from the cakes, balloons, and fringe activities Singapore, it is the personalized invitation cards, stickers, and other party printables that leave a lasting impression on your guests.

They provide cost-effective printable packages that suit any pocket. The personalized printable items on offer are invitation cards, cupcake toppers, labels for water bottles, thank you cards, and banner.

 Apart from these, they also have non-personalized printable items such as cupcake wrapper, welcome aboard sign, food label, etc.

These can be great ideas for decoration purposes for Corporate Dinner and Dance Fringe Activities as it will help liven up the mood of the part and in this case, be budget friendly if hiring an event planner is not necessary!


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How to Host A Corporate Dinner And Dance with Fringe Activities?

Hosting a corporate dinner is a challenging task. If done with smart planning of fringe activities for Dinner and Dance, the event would be a great success.

How to take the help of event managers to have a perfect corporate dinner and dance?

You can always make the arrangements by yourself. However, think about this. If your team toil for weeks to make arrangements and do not enjoy a single second during the event, that would amount to injustice. That is why it is essential to take the help of organizations like event managers. They plan everything from scratch and do the party the way you wanted. The additional advantage is that these managers can handle anything from large scale parties, conferences, or product launches. You can simply get the list of leading event managers online. Once you inform them about your budget and a few specifications, you are free from responsibility.  

How far will this improve your networking and client numbers?

As there would a lot of need for entertainment, an event manager would make high-class arrangements for stage lighting and DJ Music. People who come to dinner and party look in for good food and drinks. Quality compromise in this area will kill the fun of the party. Usually, people who manage the event take care of all A-Z aspects, and you need not bother about these risks. When parties are conducted correctly, it is easy to win the heart of clients as it shows your professionalism.

What activities can be conducted to entertain the guests?

Hosting a corporate dinner creatively can be done using fringe activities for Dinner and Dance. This helps the invitees to warm themselves up and jump into the party mood. It is a proven fact that these activities motivate the attendees highly. 

You can arrange for writing the names of the guests in small pieces of paper. Then the list can be mixed up in a bowl. You can make the guests select their dance partner by choosing a name from the jar. That would add lots of thrill and fun. This should create an opportunity for them to socialize with clients resulting in excellent communication. The party will serve as a chance to break the ice, and people would start interacting with loaded comfort.

You can offer your wonder guests pretty Corporate Gifts that reflects sincerity and quality, to show your utmost appreciation for their presence for the night. It is important to source the highest quality from the right vendors.

You can also take up activities like instant-printing of their photos and gifting them with t-shirts, coffee mugs with their pictures. Guests will love it if design ideas are invited from them for printing.

These days having a poker table or casino-style games alongside party is also liked by guests. People would be happy to see their luck win. Finally having dance themes like classics, disco, etc. would help the guests have more entertainment. Having a dress color code would add spice to the enthusiasm of guests.

There are lots of convenient and attractive venues in Singapore which have excellent facilities for fringe activities for Dinner and Dance and spacious parking.  The last thing one should keep in mind while arranging dance parties is to keep the weather in mind. 

Find out more at Partyinkers for more information of Fringe Activities you can use at your event!


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Buying Corporate Gifts – 5 Steps To Choose The Right Vendor

Corporate gifting is an art. It means getting the right amount of bulk gifts. It is also a must that these gifts must be handy and useful to the end users. Most corporate companies also expect their corporate gifts to create a good impression on the person being gifted – Be it the customer or the client or the employee.

It can be a weary and time-consuming job to select the best corporate gift. Once the gift is chose, it is even more tiresome to search for the best vendor who can supply these products in bulk. Here we have summarised 5 simple steps for you to follow when choosing a vendor to buy corporate gifts in bulk.

Step 1 – Do Your Research

The basic and elementary step to finding the best vendor is to do your research. Make sure you have a database of the vendors as you venture out to find the perfect vendor who will supply the corporate gifts for you. Once you are clear about what gift you plan to buy, it will be useful to decide upon the places to find vendors.

Step 2 – Check Local Markets in Person

It could be a tiresome activity, but most deals are signed off by finding out it in person. The local wholesale dealers will often get you the best bargains and it is also a good way to get the best possible gifts in bulk and at the manufacturing price. If there are any regular suppliers of bulk gifts, they will be a safer option as they would be disciplined about order delivery.

Step 3 – Check out Customization

With customised gifts, the meaning of gifting is triple fold. Make sure that you either engrave your text or logo in the gift you choose. It is important to provide a personal touch. Also, embossing your logo adds to the remembrance factor.

Step 4 – Online Price Check

Online stores also sell at wholesale and discounted sales. Always check if there are any other quotations available. It is much easier to do the purchase online as bulk orders often fetch a lot of freebies and more services. More services include getting a free delivery and free customization also, at times. Be tech savvy and always check before you commit to a vendor.

Step 5 – Back Ground Verification

Do some basic background checks about the vendor before you actually buy the product or order for the same. It is essential that the product vendor must essentially be a person who has a good history of selling goods and is usually a person committed to timely deliveries and perfect orders. It would not be advisable to hire a new person in the market to do bulk orders for corporate gifts, the service could be faulty or the order remains undelivered. On the other hand, new sellers give away a lot of discounts to fetch business, so it could be a win-win situation if they happen to deliver on time.

If you are looking for someone to customised your corporate gifts in Singapore, we would recommend Ministry of Print. They may not be cheap but every product they produce is definitely of quality. We have seen many people who go for the cheapest corporate gift company and end up with a unsatisfactory corporate gifts, not delivering on time or in worse case scenario, not even getting their product at all. It is definitely not worth the time, effort and money to be risking just for a few cents over your ideal corporate gift.

Feel free to mail me a comment in the contact us section above if you would find out more on printing corporate gifts in Singapore! Cheers to the end of 2015 and hello to 2016 🙂