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Buying Corporate Gifts – 5 Steps To Choose The Right Vendor

Corporate gifting is an art. It means getting the right amount of bulk gifts. It is also a must that these gifts must be handy and useful to the end users. Most corporate companies also expect their corporate gifts to create a good impression on the person being gifted – Be it the customer or the client or the employee.

It can be a weary and time-consuming job to select the best corporate gift. Once the gift is chose, it is even more tiresome to search for the best vendor who can supply these products in bulk. Here we have summarised 5 simple steps for you to follow when choosing a vendor to buy corporate gifts in bulk.

Step 1 – Do Your Research

The basic and elementary step to finding the best vendor is to do your research. Make sure you have a database of the vendors as you venture out to find the perfect vendor who will supply the corporate gifts for you. Once you are clear about what gift you plan to buy, it will be useful to decide upon the places to find vendors.

Step 2 – Check Local Markets in Person

It could be a tiresome activity, but most deals are signed off by finding out it in person. The local wholesale dealers will often get you the best bargains and it is also a good way to get the best possible gifts in bulk and at the manufacturing price. If there are any regular suppliers of bulk gifts, they will be a safer option as they would be disciplined about order delivery.

Step 3 – Check out Customization

With customised gifts, the meaning of gifting is triple fold. Make sure that you either engrave your text or logo in the gift you choose. It is important to provide a personal touch. Also, embossing your logo adds to the remembrance factor.

Step 4 – Online Price Check

Online stores also sell at wholesale and discounted sales. Always check if there are any other quotations available. It is much easier to do the purchase online as bulk orders often fetch a lot of freebies and more services. More services include getting a free delivery and free customization also, at times. Be tech savvy and always check before you commit to a vendor.

Step 5 – Back Ground Verification

Do some basic background checks about the vendor before you actually buy the product or order for the same. It is essential that the product vendor must essentially be a person who has a good history of selling goods and is usually a person committed to timely deliveries and perfect orders. It would not be advisable to hire a new person in the market to do bulk orders for corporate gifts, the service could be faulty or the order remains undelivered. On the other hand, new sellers give away a lot of discounts to fetch business, so it could be a win-win situation if they happen to deliver on time.

If you are looking for someone to customised your corporate gifts in Singapore, we would recommend Ministry of Print. They may not be cheap but every product they produce is definitely of quality. We have seen many people who go for the cheapest corporate gift company and end up with a unsatisfactory corporate gifts, not delivering on time or in worse case scenario, not even getting their product at all. It is definitely not worth the time, effort and money to be risking just for a few cents over your ideal corporate gift.

Feel free to mail me a comment in the contact us section above if you would find out more on printing corporate gifts in Singapore! Cheers to the end of 2015 and hello to 2016 🙂